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Traditionally, expert trading guidance has been velvet-roped, allowing access only to people who meet a wealth standard few can achieve. No more. Echo Trade portfolios are available for a minimal monthly subscription, allowing all investors to mirror advanced wealth-building tactics at a price point that doesn’t leave anyone out in the cold.

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Learning and implementing performing trading portfolios is a lot of work. Echo Trade leverages the deep work already done by prominent investment managers so everyday investors like you can benefit. Subscribe to portfolios from highly respected investment managers and trade like a boss—no matter where you are on the wealth spectrum.

Echo Trade marketplace of portfolios available to copy.

What’s Different About Echo Trade?

Read the fine print for other investment platforms and you’re likely to find you’re paying to trade across a handful of predetermined funds that are limited in scope and allow little to no customization. Echo Trade is the only investment solution that offers:

Access to Top Wealth Managers

You don’t need to have millions to enjoy investing like someone who does. Thanks to our partnerships with credible investment firms, you can leverage the investment portfolios of the top one percent, even with a modest investment.

Dynamic, Active Trading

The investment firms offering portfolios through Echo Trade are precisely responding to dynamically shifting market conditions unlike robo-advisors, ETFs, mutual funds. Our real-time email and push notifications will allow you to “echo” their changing positions within seconds.

Control and Simplicity

Connecting with world-class investment firms doesn’t mean losing control of your money. You’re always in charge. Follow the lead of experienced investment firms while you apply your own strategies and fine-tune your investments.

Surprisingly Simple

The Echo Trade platform is sophisticated and powerful, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated to use.

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Filter strategies by risk level, cost, trader type or investment amount. Review the firm and advisors managing the performance of each portfolio.

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When you find a portfolio that appeals to you, click the subscribe button to activate your subscription. You can view all your portfolios in my subscription tab.

Echo Trade Portfolios

Echo the trades made for your subscribed portfolio within seconds. This is made easy by real-time push and email notifications to fine-tune your portfolio.

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Once you sign up on Echo Trade, you can explore our marketplace with confidence, knowing our resources are carefully selected and vetted. Make no mistake: investing with Echo Trade isn’t another get-rich-quick scheme.

As with any mature and carefully curated approach to wealth-building, you’ll grow your portfolio over time and move steadily closer to your big-picture financial goals. We don’t promise easy money. We do promise easy access to sophisticated trading strategies.

What the Wealth Management Industry
Is Saying

“Auour has been recognized as an innovator in investing so we are excited to be partnering with Echo Trade as they break new ground in delivering institutional money management to the individual. As the individual investor is asked to take on more and more responsibility for the management of their assets, Echo Trade’s approach allows for the individual to leverage the skills of professionals in an economical platform. We believe that the combination of Auour with Echo Trade will bring a new level of disciplined investing to the next generation.”

Joe Hosler

Managing Principal, Auour Investments, LLC

“Customized portfolio management services offered to the ultra-high net worth clients require high account minimums that are unreachable for most investors. Echo Trading is making it possible for those interested to benefit from some of the best ideas from firms like Logan Capital with small initial investments that with discipline can grow to great sums. Investment professionals spend hundreds of hours a month to confirm conviction on where the best opportunities are found and now Echo Trade investors can leverage that work. The service is a first of its kind.”

Chris Travers

Managing Director, Logan Capital Management, Inc

“The concept of creating access to true professional wealth management without having to meet some threshold of net worth is an idea whose time is overdue.
We see great value in a platform where individuals can choose portfolios that match their needs and risk tolerance levels, and actually invest to build wealth over time, rather than trying to trade their way to wealth by following the latest trends.”

David Thompson

CIO Director, Highland Capital Management, LLC

“Darrell & King has looked for partners to bring our investment strategy to smaller account sizes for years. The opportunity to partner with Echo Trade jumped out as one with the best technology while maintaining the best customer service. We think Echo Trade will fill a gap created by Wall Street ignoring people who want to invest with experienced managers but have not amassed a huge amount of wealth – yet. We would love to see Echo Trade and Darrell & King together helping those people on the way to financial success.”

John Wells

Partner, Darrell & King, LLC

“Just because you’re a DIY investor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to experienced investment minds. Echo Trade gives you a chance to see what advisors are doing in their portfolios and make the decisions on how to align.”

Daren Blonski

Partner, Sonoma Wealth Advisors