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Darren Blonski

CEO, Portfolio Manager

"Just because you're a DIY investor doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to experienced investment minds. Echo Trade gives you a chance to see what advisors are doing in their portfolios and make the decisions on how to align."

President, Portfolio Manager

Brent Wilsey

"We are excited to partner with Echo Trade as we believe the platform fills a major void for the beginner investor that is looking for a more tech savvy, hands on approach that is guided by professional expertise."

“I’ve been using Echo Trade for a while now, and it’s made investing significantly more approachable for me."

Chris R.

"As a busy mom, I can't follow market changes closely. Echo Trade keeps me informed with instant portfolio updates, making trading simple and easy to execute."

Julie L.

"Echo Trade gives me portfolio flexibility and boosts my investing confidence by following professional investors."

Matt R.

"For years, investing to me meant only contributing to my 401k. Since trying Echo Trade, I feel more in control of my financial outcome."

Stephanie R.

"Echo Trade is my secret sauce to market news. I love getting the updates from the RIA I'm subscribed to."

Margie D.

$11 Billion+ in Total Assets Managed by Echo Trade Firm Partners

"We are excited to be a part of the next big shift in asset management. Echo Trade is bringing portfolios formerly only available to institutions and investment advisors to everyone."


"When searching for copy trading solutions online, I went with Echo Trade because they are the only ones focused on copying from professional portfolio managers - which gave me the credibility I was looking for."

Wilbert C.

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